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Immediate Computer Repair offers full virus removal and computer virus scan services.

Almost nothing ruins your day more than realizing your beloved computer has a virus. When something you rely on for work or that you use to unwind no longer operates the way it should, it can be a frustrating experience. Don't wait any longer than you need to when your PC stops working; give us a call so that we can diagnose and fix your issues.

Keeping yourself safe in this digital age is important.

Every day, more and more viruses are written and find their way into the systems of others. Many viruses perform malicious activities right under your nose without you ever knowing they're there. We offer an array of virus scanning software and services to ensure you have the capability to detect viruses the moment they infect your system. One of our main priorities is ensuring that your system or network runs as smoothly as possible. We can set up a scanning routine that doesn't interfere with your work or play, keeping you safe at all hours.